Fire Fox

Head Trader of Fire Fox, Emmanuel Peterson, has more than 20 years’ experience at the forefront of the foreign exchange and banking markets across Europe and Asia. He started his career in Hewlett Packard in 2003 in Sydney, Australia and moved to Dubai to work for Barclays bank in 2006. In 2009, he moved to London to work for derivative and FX markets, where he worked as a retail and institutional sales manager in various FX firms. Emmanuel is highly experienced in financial services regulation and holds a graduate degree in computer science and a Masters in Business Administration.

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Why Choose Fire Fox

Robust And Intensive.

Suitable For Traders With A Higher Risk Appetite, With Greater Opportunities For Profit In Volatile Markets.


Pure Trading Grid

Both buy and sell orders are set, regardless of the direction or range of the market. It is not influenced by whether a market is trending or consolidating.

Modified Trading Grid

The modified trading grid is influenced by the market’s current direction. The directional bias will be affected by other market factors such as technical indicators or fundamental analysis. Modified trading grid is set up to capitalize on the trending market.

Infinity Grid Trading

Without setting a price range, the strategy will buy or sell within a predetermined grid parameter of (0.1% to 10%), keeping the value of the underlying holdings unchanged.

• Earn profits through repeated cycles of spreads

• Comprehensive strategy to catch large amounts of money in one draft

• Never miss a trade due to price range restriction or adverse market movement