The Forex market is an essential part of the world economy, allowing international trade and investments by providing currency conversion.

It trades approximately $5 trillion of volume each day, dwarfing the $22 billion or so of trades made in the same time on the New York Stock Exchange.

The Forex market is a global and decentralised market for the trading of currencies, meaning the market is not traded on a central exchange but rather is traded between banks, brokers, institutions and private traders. This increases the importance of choosing the right broker to access this market – with TITAN you are able to offer amongst the deepest liquidity available in the marketplace.

TITAN offers more than 30 FX major pairings.

Here is everything you need to know – from market hours – to our average low spreads:

Forex Market Hours

Currency Pair

All Pairs

Market Hours (GMT+2)

00:01 – 23:59
(Friday 23:55 Close)

Market Hours (GMT+3)

00:01 – 23:59
(Friday 23:55 Close)

Why Trade Forex Online With TITAN?

Trading forex with TITAN gives you a number of advantages, including automated trading and competitive spreads. See why thousands of people choose TITAN to trade with on the forex market.

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Access over 30 FX currency pairs in the most globally traded market

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