Introduction To Forex Course

Forex 101

What is Forex?
How do you trade Forex?
Why trade Forex?
Forex 101

Forex Trading Fundamentals

Trading Basics
Stop-Loss and Take-Profit
Types of charts

Trading Psychology

Trading Psychology
Trading Psychology Strategies

Risk Management

Risk Management
Risk Management Tips

Fundamental And Technical Analysis

Fundamental vs Technical Analysis
What is Technical Analysis?
What is Fundamental Analysis?

Forex Trading Strategies​

Why do you need a trading strategy?
What goes into a trading strategy?
Creating your trading strategy

More Courses

Educating and enriching clients is a crucial part of our mission by allowing traders to trade with confidence. We provide a rich collection of training materials including articles and videos. We cover all aspects of trading for beginners and intermediate traders. Our Powerful curriculum is designed to help beginners start trading forex in the shortest possible time.