Titan Social

Taking Social Trading To The Next Level. Connect with your peers and automate your trades.

Social Trading For All Levels

New traders can gain exposure to the markets at the click of a button. Shorten the curve by following experienced traders who can provide valuable insight. Experienced traders can save time by getting a clear view of the market, without having to perform daily research. Broaden your horizon by gaining exposure to assets you don’t normally trade. Automate your trades and step away from your terminal; feeling confident in the strategies you are following.

Innovation In Social Trading

TITAN Social sets a new standard in social trading technology. With TITAN Social, you can follow, and copy the trades of the very best traders. Use the wisdom of the experts, ask questions to your mentors or groups, and discover new and powerful strategies.
Simply put- with TITAN Social, you will never trade alone again.

Copy Trading Made Simple

Easily discover the most successful traders and qualified mentors, ask them questions 1-on-1 or in a group chat, then copy their trades with a tap.

Learn To Trade With The Best

Enjoy your own transparent network of like-minded traders, chat with friends and receive direct access to market opportunities all while staying one step ahead of the herd.

Real-Time Trading

Receive continuous real-time updates about your friends and experienced traders on your newsfeed, see what they’re doing, then comment, share, like a trade or simply copy trading signals.

A New Way To Share Your Best Trades

Want to increase your following or just proud of a big win? TITAN Social lets you celebrate your success with an image you can post across your entire social media network, including Facebook and Instagram.

Earn Rewards For The Trades You Do Everyday

Earn additional rewards by sharing your trades with your followers! Spread and share your success and earn along the way.

Ready To Join Something Truly Revolutionary?

Connect to TITANSocial, capitalise on the success of your network and get in the midst of the market as you’ve never experienced before. It pays to be social with TITAN Social!