Titan Trading

Bringing the power and market depth directly to individual traders

Find The Products That Match Your Needs And Desired Risk Level

Put your investments on auto-pilot and let the experts trade for you and learn along the way.

Negative Balance Protection

Your investment is secured and protected by TITAN. Your investment will never be 0.

Managed Portfolios

Manage your earnings and change your strategy anytime.

Investment Protection


Each portfolio is backed by professional research


The investment team has an in-depth understanding of markets

Technological Innovation

The latest technologies are being used to create and manage the portfolios

Risk Management

Each portfolio has its own risk considerations and management tools


Portfolios are created and managed using specific and distinct strategy

Invest With Less

A low minimum investment of $20USD

Types of Trading at Titan

Bot Trading

A reliable strategy designed for low risk investors. Trade and profit from a differences across Forex prices between markets.

Copy Trading

Get the opportunity to automatically copy leading traders and forget about the long hours of building your own trading strategy.