Wise Wings is led by Head Trader Anthony Jefferson. With more than 12 years of experience, Anthony has gained extensive experience on the FX desks of major world banks where he managed the flow of retail FX brokers. He has a deep understanding of the FX industry while specializing in G20 and exotic currency trading. Anthony started his career as a financial analyst for Hess & Co., New York, in the field of mergers & acquisitions and block trading. Anthony also has extensive in-depth process knowledge of Capital Markets notably Global Markets, Global Equities, Trading, Sales, Risk Control and Financial Accounting.

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Why Choose Wise Wings

Stability And Security

Suitable For Low Risk Traders, Looking For Stable Returns.


Direct Hedging Strategy

Direct hedging is created by opening a position that runs counter to the expected movement of the currency pair, allowing us to maintain an open position on the original trade without incurring losses if the price movement goes against our expectations. This strategy is designed to protect profits and stave off losses.

3X Hedging Strategy

3X Hedging Strategy is an effective strategy that involves hedging three currency pairs at the same time instead of the traditional two currency pairs. It has a high win rate of 99%. Efficiently locking profits greatly reduces the effect of negative impacts from the volatility of the Forex market.

Correlation Hedging Strategy

An accurate hedging strategy that seeks correlation between currency pairs. This would involve selecting two currencies that typically have a positive correlation (move in the same direction) and then taking opposing positions on them.

• Profit even during economic downturns, or bearish market periods

• Stabilizes open trades, better control over risk/reward ratio

• Improves the diversification of the trading portfolio